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Each of these is 30 minutes of rock, pop, indie, reggae, hip hop and dance tunes. Including a few things you probably haven't heard before. Plus a few things you probably weren't expecting. Absolutely no chat.

#15 (12th April 2014)
What I was listening to when I was ten. Double-length mix broadcast on Wireless fm back in September 2013.

#14 (25th March 2013)
Queen-themed mix somebody asked me to make somewhen.

#13 (30th July 2012)
In the mix: More party tunes for drinking and dancing. This one is double-length.

#12 (7th May 2011)
In the mix: Choice cuts of no wave, dub, breakbeat and other wholesome ingredients.

#11 (10th February 2011)
In the mix: Party tunes for drinking and dancing.

#10 (13th November 2010)
The other side of dubstep. Abstract and atmospheric. Featuring more artists from Dubstep Forum.

#9 (28th September 2010)
A dubstep mix featuring artists from the mighty Dubstep Forum alongside a few old classics.

#8 (6th February 2010)
The Manics get baggy, Link Wray invents the Stooges and a couple of strychnine-laced pop covers get the drop.

#7 (22nd December 2009)
Recorded for Camden's Purple Turtle back in April 2006.

#6 (22nd December 2009)
Recorded for Bournemouth's iBar back in September 2007.

#5 (22nd December 2009)
In the mix: British indie, French punk, American rock'n'roll, plus a cracking piece of old school hip hop.

#4 (20th December 2009)
In the mix: Swiss electronica, British and American new wave and a touch of mambo.

#3 (25th August 2008)
In the mix: German new wavers, English eccentrics, French hip hop and the legendary Bruce Woolley.

#2 (11th August 2008)
In the mix: Chinese punks, Australian punks, French electro pop and Cliff Richard rocks out.

#1 (26th July 2008)
In the mix: French punks, German punks, a splash of dub and Dee Dee Ramone goes hip hop.