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Each of these is 30 minutes of rock, pop, indie, reggae, hip hop and dance tunes. Including a few things you probably
haven't heard before. Plus a few things you probably weren't expecting. Absolutely no chat.

#21 (30th March 2018)
In the mix: This one is double-length and goes out to the indie kids in NW1 and SW2.

#20 (21st January 2018)
In the mix: eccentric europeans, a little caustic dub bizness and Grace Jones does Joy Division, yes, really.

#19 (19th January 2018)
In the mix: a smudge of nasty glam rock, a couple of smelly hippies and, um, isn't that the Sex Pistols?

#18 (2017)
Possibly the first mix I ever recorded, new decks, old vinyl, back in 2004.

#17 (2016)
Recorded for Bournemouth's O'Neills but when I can't remember.

#16 (2015)
This was assembled as a blueprint for the band Responsible Adults back in 2008.

#15 (12th April 2014)
Double-length mix broadcast on Wireless fm in September 2013.

#14 (25th March 2013)
Queen-themed mix somebody asked me to make somewhen.

#13 (30th July 2012)
In the mix: More party tunes for drinking and dancing. This one is double-length.

#12 (7th May 2011)
In the mix: Choice cuts of no wave, dub, breakbeat and other wholesome ingredients.

#11 (10th February 2011)
In the mix: Party tunes for drinking and dancing.